Custom “In-Stock” Inventory Management

Streamline Production

Supplier promises of readily available stock are indeed reassuring. Yet, what about your unique, custom parts? Lengthy lead times and soaring prices can stall production. At Quality Hinge, we offer a solution - our Customized 'In-Stock' Inventory Management Program. We ensure your custom hinges and hardware are on hand, streamlining your production while maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


'In-Stock' Blanket Order Program

At QH/SH, we're here to simplify your approach to custom hinge and hardware management. Our Customized 'In-Stock' Inventory Management, also known as the Blanket Order Program, ensures you have the right custom hinge inventory at all times, ready for your industrial manufacturing projects.

Blanket Orders revolutionize order fulfillment and JIT (Just-In-Time) inventory management. We maintain your stock at our facility, ensuring swift delivery to your dock when you need it, at no additional cost. This eliminates part shortages, minimizing production downtime and maximizing output efficiency.

With Blanket Orders, you benefit from tier-quantity pricing discounts and avoid expensive expedite fees during unexpected increases in part requirements. QH/SH is dedicated to aligning goals for a stronger supplier relationship, reducing administrative and quality costs, simplifying forecasting, and minimizing production line disruptions. To learn more about our Customized 'In-Stock' Inventory Management, download our Blanket Order Program Agreement or contact us at 708-534-7801 or